Keto Guru

Keto Guru

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The Keto Guru fat-burning drug is an effective slimming tablet. Unique balanced composition contributes to more effective weight reduction, favorably influencing metabolism and keto diet support. Keto Guru normalizes appetite and metabolism. Aminomaslapic acid is an active ingredient and biogenic substance of a product that actively participates in neurotransmitter and metabolic processes in the brain. It helps the brain better dispose of glucose by improving blood supply.

The advantage of Keto Guru is that it is created on the basis of natural components that help to say goodbye to excess mass. Weight loss can be triggered without negative effects. The fizzy pill absorbs its own fat deposits and generates energy. The Keto Guru weight loss agent enriches the body with vitamins, minerals, amplifies the weight loss effect up to 3 times.

Age Range Adult
Ingredients Vitamin b3, vitamin b5, magnesium, vitamin b12, potassium, l-glutamine, vitamin b1, vitamin b2
Item Form Tablet
Quantity 10 tablets
Use Oral exposure
Weight/Volume net 25 g

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