Cleansing detox foot pads

Cleansing detox foot pads

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Cleansing detox foot pads completely cleanse the body through the dots on the body. With ease of use, this can be done without expensive specialists at home. The state of the organism depends on the age of the person, contamination of the place of residence, state of health and immunity. The distinctive quality of the foot pads is its visibility - you can observe the process of elimination of toxins by yourself. Natural absorption functions are activated during the purification process. Accumulated "wet toxins" and lymphatic fluid "are extracted" from the human body. The longer you use the Band-Aid, the lighter it gets each time you use it. Which tells you about the purification process.

Age Range Adult
Ingredients Bamboo vinegar, Vitamin C, Tourmaline, Chitosan
Item Form Pads
Packaging Box
Quantity 50 pcs
Size One size

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